Your Courage. Our Help. Your Recovery.

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Your Courage. Our Help. Your Recovery.

House of Courage is a place filled with hope and healing for those who seek respite and effective treatment from toxic behaviors, addictions, anxiety, and depression. Our all-inclusive approach to recovery encompasses addictions indiscriminately, whether it's gambling, drugs, alcohol, pharmaceutical addiction, an eating disorder or any other sort of addictive behavior that causes suffering.

Passion and Dedication

Our effective treatment program is developed and maintained by our director who has over 20 years of experience in the addictions recovery field. Her passion and dedication for helping people heal and return to their families healthier and happier is precisely why House of Courage came into being.

Knowing first-hand the trials that must be faced when dealing with addictions, she developed the House of Courage as a place for support, comfort and recovery. Founded on compassion, hope, trust and the courage to change, the House of Courage knows that with your bravery and our help, your recovery can be achieved.