Watching a loved one struggle with addiction recovery is never easy. Even if you finally convince them to seek addiction counselling, you still live with the fear they could relapse at any time. Regardless of whether your loved one is recovering from drugs, alcohol, or a form of behavioural addiction, they can experience relapses that interfere with their ability to completely recover. While backsliding is, unfortunately, part of the recovery process, it does not mean your loved one will never kick their addictions. It is a long process made easier with your support and understanding.

Emotions, We All Have Them.

Sometimes, we need to be able to regulate these emotions better to cope with day-to-day stresses and those big moments where we just can't seem to get them under control or regulated to address addiction recovery. Let's talk about what emotions are trying to tell us and how they affect our behaviour.

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Starting an addiction recovery journey is a difficult step to take for many people. Everybody experiences addiction differently, and sometimes that makes it even more challenging for people to know when it is time to seek help. Some think that there is still time before hitting "rock bottom," others suffer from self-doubt or are afraid of being judged for their behaviour. However, addiction severity differs from person to person, but it's a progressive illness that can have negative side effects and consequences if left untreated without assistance.

Stress is a part of life. Whether it's from school, relationships, family, work, or all of the above, we can't escape its effects. Even though we know this is true, and we may feel like we're handling our stress well and in a healthy way, most people still worry about their health and how it could be affected by the stress they experience.

Have you ever found yourself making plans for the future but finding it hard to stay motivated? Have you tried different methods to keep yourself motivated, but nothing has worked for you? You are not alone. Setting goals is a challenge for many people.