If you are someone who has substance abuse or mental health problems, the COVID-19 pandemic can exacerbate those issues. Public health crises have the potential to cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Here are some ways to minimize your stress and prevent relapse or depression.

Many addicts often isolate themselves from others. It’s a way to hide our addictive behaviour from family, friends and co-workers. As the general public is now being in many cases, forced to isolate, this can pose an ideal situation for relapse. 

Toxic behaviour doesn’t just affect the people around you. It also affects you. Addiction and toxic behaviours are closely linked in a continuous cycle. It can cause major strain in personal and professional relationships. It’s important you identify these behaviors before they do any more damage to you and your loved ones. Down below are some warning signs that indicate you may be engaging in toxic behaviour.

Watching a loved one descend into addiction can be one of the hardest things to witness. It can be stressful watching from the sidelines as someone you care about spirals out of control. And it may seem impossible for you to approach them about their behaviour. No one wants to risk losing a friend by bringing up such a sensitive topic. But there are ways to approach the situation in order to successfully express your concerns about their addiction.

Recovery is easier said than done. It requires you to commit yourself to ditch bad habits and cultivate a new life for yourself. So, it’s obvious that finding positivity during such a tough time can seem impossible. But you can’t let yourself think that! Finding a positive outlook during your recovery is essential and will make the process less stressful for you. Listed below are a couple strategies for ensuring you make this journey easier for yourself!