Rebuilding-Trust-After-Addiction-RecoveryRecovering from addiction and reclaiming your life is an amazing achievement. But, the work doesn’t end when you graduate from rehab or a 12-step program. Part of maintaining recovery is rebuilding relationships and developing new connections to foster an environment for continued growth and endless gratitude.

During active addiction relationships can suffer severe damage. Addicts will often lie to protect their addiction, failing to follow through on promises, forgetting their commitments and deceiving those they love most. The anger and resentment that forms from family, friends or co-workers, during addiction can seem impossible to overcome once recovery is accomplished. But again, recovery may have also seemed impossible. It wasn’t. You did it.

You can rebuild trust in your relationships. With time and effort, you can reconnect with your loved ones and heal the wounds that formed prior to your recovery. Below are some guidelines to remember including actionable tips to help you strengthen your relationships and rebuild trust with those that you love.

It Will Take Patience and Time

Especially in early recovery, when sobriety is the primary focus your friends, family and/or significant other may feel neglected. This cannot be farther from the truth. The self-involvement necessary for successful recovery is actually an act of love for all those in your life and more importantly for yourself.

Involving those you hold dearest in your recovery by being honest with your feelings and where you’re at helps them feel like a part of the process. By being patient with yourself and with those in your life, you are acknowledging the hurt that has been caused and giving all those involved the necessary time to forgive and move on. It takes time to rebuild trust and it takes time for others to forgive past indiscretions. Know this and respect this.