The holidays can be a challenging time of year for anyone, let alone the daily struggles of sobriety. Top it off with a worldwide pandemic, and you've got a holiday season for the history books. People in recovery are warriors that won the battle with their demons, but the fight is never really over. Isolation, trauma, mental illness, or just a general dislike for the holiday season are heavy burdens to bear. Here are five gifts you can give to help that special sober someone during isolation. 

1) Make them a playlist - If you are looking for a budget-friendly option but want to give something you know your loved one will go bonkers for, make them a playlist. Now...this doesn't mean a playlist with a bunch of songs saying, "don't do drugs." Granted, please don't include any songs about using. Make a playlist that's motivating, gets their blood pumping and cheers them up every time they press play. 


2) Jewelry with meaning - Give a recovery bracelet, an inspiration band, a remembrance bracelet or a pendant with semi-precious stones/crystals that symbolize healing. Each different collection represents something; for example, the remembrance bracelet honours those who lost their lives to the battle of addiction. Lepidolite is said to promote tranquillity and enhance one's ability to accept self and circumstances. 


3) Tattoos- granted, this gift can be on the pricier side, but if it's within budget...many local tattoo shops offer gift certificates for online purchase. Why not treat someone to a recovery tattoo? A permanent and meaningful present for those who love ink, and it's a gift they can look forward to after public health restrictions are lifted. You can even bond over the process by discussing design concepts safely over a zoom chat and some hot chocolate. 


4) A habit tracking/gratitude journal - writing can be incredibly therapeutic. This can be an inexpensive and thoughtful gift with an underlying message that says, "I believe in your potential." Take it one meaningful step further and offer to be their daily/weekly/monthly journal accountability buddy. 


5) Personalized gift vouchers - A gift that's meaningful and straight from the heart. Here are some heartfelt suggestions vouchers that you can give as the ultimate holiday gift of love and support:

  • Offer to help with errands for someone who doesn't drive, like picking up and dropping off groceries the weekend before Christmas.
  • Offer to take their dog out to play, for a walk or a trip to the dog park so they can have some alone time. 
  • Offer a home-made breakfast, lunch, or dinner that you can deliver to their doorstep. 


Don't forget to have a little extra compassion for yourself and anyone you know who's trying to stay safe and sober this holiday season. Wishing you all the gift of health, happiness, courage and a fresh start in all your days ahead. 


Happy Holidays, from House of Courage