You’ve worked hard to create this sober life you desired. It took a lot of effort and persistence on your part, but it doesn’t end there. Now that you’ve overcome the biggest hurdle, the next step is to stick to it and always look for ways to improve yourself.

Don’t focus on drastically changing; sometimes the simplest change can make a huge difference and have a positive impact on your life. Here are 5 small, simple changes you can do.

1. Find a way to cope with stress.

Bad days are inevitable; everyone goes through them. Some things go wrong, and you have no control over it. Find a new way to cope, do not fall back onto drugs or drinking. Pick up the phone and call a family member or a friend, catch up on their lives. Sometimes speaking to your loved ones can brighten up your day. Treat yourself to something relaxing; who doesn’t love a great massage?

2. Stay active.

If you find yourself lying around all day, your mind can wander into negative thoughts. Get up and get moving! Keep busy! Find an activity you enjoy doing, whether it is going for a short walk or finding a new sport you want to learn. Not only will it help you mentally by physically as well. Killing two birds with one stone!

3. Find what makes you happy.

Pointing out the negatives is too easy. We often forget about what makes us happy. Everyone has at some point, or another let the happiness slip by, and we don’t take notice. It is way easier to focus on what we don’t have than what we do have. Take a moment to appreciate the things that make you smile, that make you feel good, that make you HAPPY! Find a hobby that you truly love. When you start doing things that make you happy, your happiness will grow to other parts of yourself.

4. Stay motivated.

Keep moving forward in your life. Find something that inspires you to be better. Set yourself an achievable goal; what do you need to do to reach that goal? Put a time frame on it, which could be a week or a month. Break your goals into small easy tasks.

5. Make the most of each day.

This may sound very cliché, but it is true. Make the most of your life. Every. Single. Day. Remember how truly amazing and strong you are; you’ve overcome your addiction and are now living your best life. Find the positives in everything.

Remember, even the smallest of changes can have the most significant impact on your life. Take your life to the next level and know that House of Courage is always here to support your journey.