toxicAre you struggling with your relationships at work and at home? If so, there may means you are behaving in a toxic manner that is affecting those around you. If people are withdrawing from you and you’re having trouble maintaining relationships, see if you can see yourself in any of these behaviors:

  • Toxic people are manipulative. Their standard operating behavior is to get others to do what they want them to do. It’s all about them. They use other people to get what they want out of life.  Forget what others want; this is not about equality in a relationship.

  • Toxic people are judgmental. They are often critical — it’s about what others have done and what they didn’t do. They never take responsibility and will lie if necessary.

  • They take no accountability for their own feelings. Their feelings are projected onto others. If someone tries to point this out to them, they will strongly defend their position, and take no responsibility. 

  • They never apologize. They don’t see any reason to, because they are never at fault.  They try to gain sympathy and attention by claiming they are actually the ‘victim’ in this case.

  • Toxic people are inconsistent. Others don’t know who they’re going to be dealing with at any given time because they change, depending on the circumstances — their perspective, attitude, and behaviorr. 

  • They make choose them over others. Toxic people make others choose them over everyone else, or something they want over something another person would prefer. This can even go to the point of requiring someone to cut off other meaningful relationships to satisfy them.  

  • They are not caring, supportive, or interested in what’s important to other people. The positive things that happen to others moves the attention away from them and keeps them from focusing on their own goals. They will always find fault with others and make them wrong.