Anxiety can take many shapes and forms, but on one thing, we can all agree – it is not a pleasant experience. Many techniques could help in dealing with anxiety, but it is important to understand that every journey towards calmer daily life is unique. Reach for help at House of Courage and talk to a counsellor who can guide your way to find the causes of anxiety and soften its influence on your life.

Living up to a healthy lifestyle could impact the way you feel and help you reduce stress levels. It may not be breaking news, but it is something to try out, еspecially in the light of the upcoming new year.

Here are some tips and tricks to stay healthy that would also help you cope with anxiety more efficiently:

Try to Get Enough Sleep

This may seem like an obvious one, but getting a good night’s sleep is vital for your motivation, concentration levels and general condition. If you consider yourself self-disciplined, you may try to stick to a sleep schedule. There are several online apps that could help with that. Another way is to create a restful sleep environment – turn off the lights, put your laptop or mobile phone away, and try to limit the distractions that usually keep you awake late at night.

Take Some Fresh Air During the Day

It could be a five-minute walk or just catching some sunlight on the balcony. Either way, taking some fresh air during the day would boost your energy levels naturally. This is an excellent moment also to mention exercising as one of the proven ways to reduce anxiety. You don’t need to test for the Olympics –give yourself a break from stressful thoughts and get on your feet.

Make a Change to Prevent Emotional Eating

Anxiety often leads to emotional or stressful eating, which is not healthy. Trust your body to alert you when you need to take a snack, but try to reduce eating because you feel anxious or bored. One thing that would surely help with that is trying to have a reality check from time to time. That doesn’t mean to question every meal or snack you have, but just to make sure that you need that box of cookies when you are reaching for it.

Keep a Journal

Writing down your thoughts and emotions is a great way to manage your anxiety symptoms and avoid having an anxiety attack. At first, it may feel a little unnatural to describe how you feel or what your dreams are. But, in the long run, a journal could give you a chance to look back and understand the causes of anxiety. It could also help you monitor your progress and find new ways to deal with anxiety and panic attacks. If you feel like talking to someone would be a better solution for you, rather than keeping a journal, contact us to schedule an appointment with our counsellor at House of Courage!

Change the Direction of Your Thoughts

Avoiding a problem will not solve it, but thinking about it nonstop would not help either. Instead, I suggest you try to change the direction of your thoughts when you feel anxious without any reason. If you need time to analyze your feelings or worry about something, in particular, take it and make the most of it. But if you find yourself stressing over circumstances that you can not change or past events, try to distract yourself with positive thinking. An excellent way to do that is by making a list of what makes you feel grateful. The practise of being grateful would lead you to a more positive attitude, even in stressful situations.

Learn From Others

Anxiety is more common than you think. According to recent studies, over 2.7 million people in Canada cope with anxiety in their daily lives every year. This may not be a positive trend, but on the other hand it means that there are many success stories to be inspired by about dealing with anxiety. My advice is to try and learn from them because even though everybody is unique, there are common ways to cope with feeling anxious. Some of them you can find in this blog, and if you want to learn more about anxiety and how to cope with stressful thoughts, you can check some older articles, like this one.

Talk to Someone Who Understands

Talking to a friend or a family member would possibly lead you to some conclusions or ideas of how to manage your anxiety. On the other hand, talking to a professional could help you control your feelings and understand the causes of anxiety. This could be a life-changing point in your journey to a calmer and fulfilled life, so consider sharing your story with a counsellor who could help you create a healthier lifestyle for yourself. You can contact us to book an appointment with our registered counsellor here <Link>. We can work around your schedule and help you get through this!

Acceptance is Key

Accepting that you need to deal with anxiety is not an easy thing to do. But it is necessary in order for you to find the most suitable ways to reduce your anxiety symptoms and the frequency of your anxiety or panic attacks. Try to think of it as just one chapter in a book you are writing. Despite the twists and turns in every story, in this one, the happy ending is in your own hands! And if you need help with rewriting your story in a more positive way, look at our remote life coaching services. We can provide half or full-day programs to suit your needs and schedule. Book a free consultation now.

Find a Hobby That Will Bring You Joy

Whether it is painting, singing, dancing or simply watching classic Christmas movies, hobbies can make us all feel good almost instantly. They are not always meant to distract you from your anxious thoughts. But, sometimes, they can bring you joy and allow brain an opportunity to turn around the habit of always trying to be prepared for the worst. Last but not least, a good story can be a source of inspiration and motivation in these stressful times.

Living with anxiety can be challenging. We talked about some steps that you can take to soften anxiety symptoms, but there are definitely more precise solutions that we can help you find based on your own experience so far.

House of Courage is here if you need to talk to someone about coping with anxiety and how to establish a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Contact us today, we are great listeners, and we would love to help you out!