So you've decided to live a sober life; this decision to kick your drug or alcohol habit is not an easy one. Recovering from addiction can feel like a whole new world. Addiction to substances requires that the user prioritize their life to acquiring and using. Becoming sober is a long and challenging road, but it is attainable with the support of loved ones and professionals. Once you've broken free from addiction, you will need to reinvent your lifestyle around a sober, healthy life, including your hobbies. Here are some of the best hobbies that will help recovering addicts stay on track.

Sports and Exercise


Using drugs and alcohol activates chemicals and neurotransmitters in the brain that can cause feelings of pleasure or relaxation. Unfortunately, craving for this can often bring recovering addicts back to substance abuse. However, did you know that exercise also creates the same feelings?

Aerobic exercise is particularly effective and producing these feelings by releasing endorphins. Running, jogging, or swimming, anything that gets your heart rate rising has proven most effective for recovering addicts. Not only can this help you stay away from relapsing, but you are also improving your overall health and well-being.


Learn to Cook


Long-term drug use can change your taste buds and make food seem bland or an overwhelming taste of a specific flavour such as sour or bitter. However, as you recover, your body will adjust back over time, and food will taste delicious again. 

Taking a bite of your favourite food can make you feel things in even more powerful ways than drugs. Few things in life make us feel the way food can. So take this opportunity to take up cooking, learn how to make your favourite meals. The best feeling is cooking a meal for your friends and family to enjoy with you.


Music Therapy


Music therapy is common in communities and groups; it involves playing, listening to, or studying music. Music can help you express yourself, enroll in music lessons and spend your time learning something new. As you find yourself improving your musical skills, you are bound to feel great about yourself. In addition, music therapy has been used to help individuals maintain their road to recovery.

Try out all or one of these hobbies, find an activity that appeals to you. Every individual is different, and if you can find a hobby that helps you prolong your sobriety, it can make a world of difference. House of Courage is here to support you in any way possible.