It takes courage to change, to deal with your demons and to look deep within yourself to take the steps to live a different life. For most who are experiencing addiction or other problems, this is how life has unfolded for many years — chaos, unhealthy and damaged relationships, little success at work and unfulfilled dreams. Toxic behaviours, addiction and mental health issues have left their mark.

It can seem easier to stay stuck. To rely on old coping mechanisms to ease the pain. Those unhealthy supports can include eating, drinking, gambling, drugs and co-dependent relationships in order to numb the feelings.

Eventually, reliance on those behaviours begins to cause havoc in your life. They add to your pain instead of easing it. Your health becomes affected, relationships end, employment is lost and more. When the pain of continuing to engage in these acts or of feeling this way overrides the relief you experience, you’ve arrived at what we call ‘rock bottom’. And it takes courage to climb out of that place.

Find Hope

At House of Courage, we offer hope. Hope for a different life. Addiction starts to erode hope as your life begins to spiral out of control. Addictive behaviour is progressive and eventually finds its way into all aspects of your life. As this happens, the opportunities for a successful and happy life lesson.

Going it alone or trying to recover without outside help can lead to frustration and disappointment. And a relapse.

We provide a place filled with hope and healing for those who seek respite and effective treatment from toxic behaviours, addiction to gambling, drugs, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, eating disorders or other unhealthy behaviours, anxiety, and depression.

Find Recovery

Our effective treatment program is based on over 20 years of experience in the recovery field. We understand addictions and their impact on lives. House of Courage also understands what it takes to be willing to change. We can help you through that process of healing and returning to your life and your family. We offer support, comfort and recovery.

A life of recovery takes courage and strength. It also takes support and ongoing help. Love yourself enough to find the courage to take that first step and to begin your journey of hope and recovery.