Starting an addiction recovery journey is a difficult step to take for many people. Everybody experiences addiction differently, and sometimes that makes it even more challenging for people to know when it is time to seek help. Some think that there is still time before hitting "rock bottom," others suffer from self-doubt or are afraid of being judged for their behaviour. However, addiction severity differs from person to person, but it's a progressive illness that can have negative side effects and consequences if left untreated without assistance.

For over 25 years, House of Courage has provided life coaching services to help people bring their addiction recovery to successful completion. The founders of House of Courage - Christine and her husband, are filled with hope that their knowledge and personal experience can become guidance for many people suffering from addiction. In their efforts to make their life coaching services accessible, they transformed their practice to virtual coaching sessions and workshops via Zoom meetings to provide help and support to anyone in need, regardless of their location.

Another important part of their efforts to make life coaching accessible and affordable is their GoFundMe campaign, "Help Me Fight Addiction!". Now you can make your donation on to help more and more people fight addiction and get the understanding they need during this process. Learn more about the campaign, and how you can contribute. 

Can Life Coaching Help With Addiction Recovery? 

A life coach can be a great asset to someone recovering from drug addiction. They offer guidance and support through life coaching, making the recovery process much easier. During the tough times in your recovery, you have somebody to lean on - the person who is helping you recover!

Life coaching can be beneficial for your addiction recovery in many ways:

A Life Coach Provides Hope

When working with a life coaching professional, you will be able to set and achieve realistic goals during your addiction recovery. A life coach can show you a more positive point of view and give you hope for the future, and that is something essential while being on a journey to recovery. A life coach can help you change your perspective on your behaviour and find healthier and more productive ways to fight addiction.

Life Coaching Helps With Discovering New Ways to Behave

Life coaches can help you grow and develop your sense of self. They will also show you new paths in life that are more beneficial to your well-being and help you get on the right track for long-term sobriety!

Focus on What Matters to You

A life coach can provide tricks and techniques to help you focus on what is important in your life. Preventing relapse involves understanding your triggers and identifying the people, places, things, or situations that remind you of substance use. This is why focusing on your internal motivation and goals is important and can help you avoid old habits.

Find Support and Understanding

A life coach can provide you with valuable insights into your addiction and recovery process. Understanding your journey is essential, and this is why it is very helpful to have someone to share your thoughts and doubts with. In addition, life coaching can support you in developing a plan for a successful addiction recovery that is tailored to your specific situation.

House of Courage helps people fight addiction by providing them with knowledge and support, both of which are crucial for any addiction recovery. As part of their efforts to help others, the founders of House of Courage - Christine and her husband Barry, started a donation campaign at, with one goal – to be able to provide their life coaching services to those who can not afford a life coach but need it the most. Their life coaching program offers different tools, techniques, and ideas, as well as workshops and virtual meetings to help fight addiction. You can support House of Courage by contributing to the campaign and spreading the word so more people can donate or get the help they need during their addiction recovery. Learn more about the "Help Me Fight Addiction" campaign.

Life Coaching Helps You Discover Solutions

The road to addiction recovery is not an easy one. As with any other work in progress, there are ups and downs in recovery, moments of feeling great and moments of feeling hopeless. This is where a life coach can support you in finding creative solutions that will help you maintain sobriety and continue your path to complete recovery. 

4 Reasons to Start Your Addiction Recovery Now

Starting your addiction recovery takes courage. Here are some reasons to gain motivation and take the first step towards a happier and healthier life in sobriety:

  • Build better relationships with family and friends. Addiction recovery is often a healing process for both the addicted person and their loved ones. Addiction can harm the way you communicate with your family, friends, and colleagues. This is why rebuilding these relationships can be a great motivation for taking the first step towards sobriety.

  • An addiction can affect not only your personal life but also your professional one. Issues may look small at first, like missing a deadline or arriving late at work, but in time they can become a pattern leading to poor performance. Starting your recovery journey may take some courage, but it will positively affect your professional life and help you create a better work-life balance.

  • Substance use disorders are associated with a wide range of short- and long-term health effects. These depend on the drug type, how much is consumed, how often it's used, and the person's overall health. Don't neglect your health. Start your addiction recovery journey today!

  • There is a link between your addiction and emotional or mental health. For some people, mental health problems develop as a result of drug or alcohol use. For others, they use substances to ease the symptoms of mental illness. No matter the cause, it is important to treat both addiction and mental disorders at the same time to escape their traps.

At House of Courage, you will find courage and support to win the battle against addiction. Take the first step today and make this journey more affordable for others by contributing to the House of Courage campaign on Learn more about the Calgary Addiction Recovery Packages, provided by House of Courage.