Technology-Sobriety-RecoveryWith the rise of online communities, social networks, live streaming services and more – it’s no wonder that those in recovery are turning to technology to aid their sobriety. Between online meetings, recovery apps and the ability to instantly contact a friend or sponsor, utilizing technology is extremely beneficial for those recovering from drug and alcohol addictions or other unhealthy toxic behaviors.

Whether you need to reach out for help to refrain from relapsing or require inspirational content to remain motivated, here are a few ways in which technology can instantly come to your aid to help you remain sober:

Instant Communication

Friends, sponsors, and supportive family members are a quick text or phone call away if ever you should find yourself in a sticky situation you don’t want to get stuck in. No matter where you are, those who love and support you are available at the touch of a button to talk you through a tough time or encourage you not to give up your sobriety on a whim or due to pressure. The ability to communicate instantly with someone who is cheering for your recovery is invaluable and goes a long way in reminding you of why you chose recovery to begin with.

Download a Recovery App

There really is an app for everything. There are numerous sobriety-related apps to choose from which offer different methods to facilitate recovery. Perhaps what you need is a daily reminder to keep you motivated and inspired – there’s an app for that. Or maybe tracking how much money you’ve saved by staying sober is one aspect that keeps you rocking your recovery – there’s an app for that too. Whether you want to track how long you’ve been sober or what health benefits you’ve achieved by quitting your bad habits, there is an app for that. Simply go the app store and search “sobriety” or “recovery” and a list of options will arise, many of which are free. 

Share Your Story

Sharing your story with others via a blog or on social media can be an effective way to reinforce your sobriety while also helping others understand the process and possibility of recovery. What you have to say may be exactly what is necessary to inspire someone who is in active addiction to seek help or what prompts them to realize that a life of sobriety is even possible.

Granted, sharing your story publicly is not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s totally cool. But for those who are willing to share, do – your story can be what encourages someone to seek treatment and get clean. Speaking out also helps to abolish the stigma and stereotypes associated with addiction, which in turn can inspire more respect and understanding for those in recovery.  

Join a Facebook Recovery Group

Facebook is a wonderful resource for connecting with other people who understand what overcoming an addiction entails and who are also in active recovery. Facebook groups, in particular, offer a place where it is safe to ask questions, discuss recovery and learn tips, tricks and strategies others have used to stay sober successfully.

Whether you want to discuss how people deal with their own triggers or want advice on good meetings in your area, there are a number of recovery Facebook groups to choose from. Simply search for “recovery” or “sobriety” in Facebook and use the relevant search filters to find a group that is right for you. Some groups are private and will require an admin to grant you access. Do respect the guidelines provided by the group so you don’t get booted out.

Research Recovery Resources

The ways in which the internet can aid in early recovery and throughout your journey are endless. You can attend a 12-step meeting online, Skype into a support group, find a treatment centre, participate in an online forum that discusses the challenges and triumphs of sobriety and recovery. It really comes down to utilizing all the tools that are available to find what works for you and stick with it.

Turn to google and ask what it is you what to know – chances are someone else has already asked the same thing, while another someone else has answered the question or developed a solution addressing such. Stay strong and sober on. Thanks for reading!