Ready-to-Overcome-AddictionKnowing when you’ve had enough of your addictive behaviours and are ready to overcome your addiction can be both exhilarating and terrifying. Change is exciting and yet it also requires us to become vulnerable and be honest with ourselves to do the work necessary to say goodbye to our bad habits once and for all.

Some individuals experience a kind of breakthrough, an epiphany that manifests as a moment of clarity where addictive behaviours are recognized as problematic and need to be changed. Others may never experience that moment of clarity but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to quit and start a new life that is healthier, more fulfilling and sober.

Though the answers may not come through crystal clear for all of us, there are some signs that can help you identify that you’re ready to stop your addiction in its tracks and achieve successful sobriety so you can experience true freedom.

You Want to Change Your for Yourself

Very few individuals suffering from addictive behaviors welcome recovery with open arms and embrace their treatment programs with joy. Recovery is hard work that can be painful given that it forces you to come to terms with emotional and psychological truths. But, it is this kind of frank honesty with yourself that unmasks addiction for what it is and in turn, doesn’t give it a place to hide any longer. 

If you want to change your addictive behaviours for yourself because you want a new life, then you are far more likely to succeed as opposed to if you joined treatment because a loved one, family member or friend urged you to go. Regardless of how much you love someone, this still isn’t strong enough motivation to complete an addiction recovery program and succeed. The desire for change has to come from you. It has to be deep rooted within your being for you to truly commit to changing your life to finally break the chains of your addiction.

Your Health is Being Negatively Affected

Addiction can have seriously negative repercussions for both your physical and emotional health. Continued use of drugs and alcohol, increase the chances for heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and multiple mental health conditions including anxiety, depression and other mental health problems. Those with addictive behaviors are also more susceptible to suffering from malnutrition given that the desire to fuel addiction trumps the need to eat well and maintain a healthy diet. If you feel that your health is being negatively affected by your addiction, then getting help as soon as possible is important to ensure no irreversible damages are done.  

Your Finances Are Out of Control

Addiction is awfully expensive. More often than not, it is a costly pursuit (for both your health and your wallet). Huge debts can accumulate quickly when you are purchasing drugs or alcohol regularly and in large quantities. If you find your finances spiraling out of control and don’t like the feelings that result from this but, also have the ability to recognize that this is due in part to your addiction, then maybe this is the sign that you’re ready to enter a treatment program and do away with the costly habit.  The sooner you seek help, the sooner you can get your finances back on track and escape from the behaviors that cost so much in your health and hard earned money.

You Think about a Future Without Addiction

Addiction is a time consuming process that is both physically and emotionally taxing. Whether its finding the money for your next drink or fix or, planning out where you’ll get your toxic substance of choice next, it takes a lot of out of you.  If most of what you think about revolves around fueling your addiction, then you probably aren’t ready to quit. However, if in your downtime you’re thinking about a life where you are sober, not waking up with a hangover, or a future where your loved ones are proud of you for remaining sober, then this is a sure sign that you’re ready to enter a treatment program and pursue a life free from addiction.