Addiction will always be an ongoing battle that comes with stress and anxieties. It is a courageous process to stay on track and self-love must be nurtured in order to fulfill the process. One amazing, simple way to reconnect with your inner peace, no matter how lost it may be, is to immerse yourself in nature.

Nature is a fundamental tool at presenting you with the now, rather than focusing on what has happened in the past. Being cooped up within your home is a surefire way to be stuck in your head—constantly worrying as your mind wanders. Being outside, and away from your usual environment, is a way for you to promote growth and make more fulfilling lifestyle choices.


Surround yourself with nature

Simply placing yourself outside is an easy way to enjoy all that nature has to offer you. If you desire—breathe in the fresh air outside and read a book. If you want a more grounding experience try yoga or meditation. They are both great ways to shut out the negativity in your life and focus on healing. 

Exercise outside

Being engaged with your body in a physical way is extremely beneficial at improving your overall health, while also giving you an excuse to be outside. Exercising regularly is proven to be helpful for combating stress and putting your mind in a more relaxed place.


Take a hike

Whether it be within Calgary, or on a trail outside of the city, hiking is a great way to enjoy nature's beauty and to challenge yourself. Completing a hike will grant you a wonderful view and a satisfaction for completing your goal.

If you are interested in solo walks, there are many trails that offer a more quiet journey. If you enjoy company, take a friend or family member with you. Or, consider joining a hiking group! The benefit of a hiking group is not only exercise but a chance to be social and meet new people who enjoy healthy activities.

Explore your neighbourhood

If hiking is not for you, there are likely countless paths in your neighbourhood that would work just fine. Finding a walking route in your neighbourhood that you can commit yourself to a couple times a week is a great, easy way to get yourself out of the house with minimal effort. 


Spend time outside with others 

Spending time with your family and friends is already a positive endeavour, but moving that gathering outside is even better. Whether it be a picnic, barbecue, or a day at the park there are always many options for spending time with your loved ones outside. This not only allows for quality time with the people who care for you but a chance to be present with nature at the very same time.

Stress and anxiety are not easy demons to fight off. It is so important to find that moment of catharsis for yourself and to get out of your negative headspace. Allow yourself to embrace the peace that nature has to offer. After all, it is free.