If you are someone who has substance abuse or mental health problems, the COVID-19 pandemic can exacerbate those issues. Public health crises have the potential to cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Here are some ways to minimize your stress and prevent relapse or depression.

  1. Stay informed but choose reliable sources.

The media’s job is to sell news and bad news sells. This can lead to  worry and anxiety and the panicked hoarding of supplies. Stay informed so you feel in control of the situation. Remember, though reading too much about the illness can trigger more stress.

Get your information from the right sources — reputable news sites andgovernment agencies. Speak to your doctor about what you need to do to stay safe.

  1. Information Overload

Being informed is essential. Focusing intently on the state of the pandemic can, however, trigger stress. Stay properly informed and then unplug.

  1. Plan Ahead to Stay in Control

Control is an antidote to stress. A pandemic is frightening but there are things you can do to be prepared. Stock your home with enough healthy food, water, medications, and other essentials that will last at least two weeks. a couple of weeks. Follow protocols when you have to leave home by washing your hands and keeping a2 metre distance from other people.

  1. Accept You Can’t Control.Everything

There are things you can’t control. To manage stress, it’s important to ecognize and accept what you cannot change.

When you can’t control external factors, such as the pandemic, you can still control your response. Reframe the problem in a more positive light. What are the opportunities here for you, what are the gifts.

And always remember, help is only a phone call away. Stay safe.