Incorporating a meditation/mindfulness practice into your daily routine will definitely help you in staying clean and also in dealing with these challenging times.

Practicing meditation and mindfulness every day can help alleviate the negative feelings and behaviours which can become prevalent when we are more isolated. These healthy practices allow us to see ourselves more clearly and to calm anxiety and relieve depression. Engaging in a healthy behaviour can reduce the feelings of shame, guilt and inadequacy many of us experience, and release ourselves from this unnecessary and self-inflicted suffering.

How does it work?

Mindfulness/meditation means we sit quietly and are in the present moment, the now. It is a non-judging form of observation of our thoughts and feelings. The practice allows us to be more self aware of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions with the goal of not allowing them to change our experience of the present. Instead, we acknowledge those thoughts, feelings and emotions are present and carry on with what we are doing.

The purpose of this is to recognize our emotions and thoughts are fleeting. They come and go, and we do not have to act on them or allow them to impact our behaviour or our experience. They are simply there and will pass.

This will be useful when cravings arise. When you have developed the ability to be mindful, you will become practiced at observing the feeling or thought has occurred, but won’t allow it to run your life or ruin your day.  Being mindful will also allow you to be aware more quickly when you are at risk.

There are many online meditation resources available, some of which are free and others provide trial programs.

Give yourself the gift of meditation/mindfulness to bring more peace of mind and a successful road to recovery.