Tackling an addiction is only the first step. Avoiding all the triggers going forward is another story. The reality is, triggers will be everywhere. There’s no way to completely isolate yourself from the rest of the world (nor should you), but there are ways that you can help yourself stay on track and reject old habits.

You earned your sobriety and you deserve to be happy, without constant worrying about what may trigger you next. Here are some things to consider in order to make things easier for you.

A fresh start

Starting with a clean slate is important. Try to clean out all the negativity from your past life. This may be people or certain places. Anywhere, or anyone, who has ties to your old toxic habits is probably best to be ditched.

This doesn’t mean ditching everything, and everyone, but making smart choices about what will keep you on the right path. And it may be tough to say goodbye to certain people, or places you used to visit. But for right now, staying on track is the most important thing, as you’ve worked so hard to get there!

Unlearning bad habits

Identifying your habits is very helpful for understanding what makes you tick. If you have a clear idea of what is likely to trigger you, you can eliminate it easier. And it won’t always be easy. Habits are habits for a reason. But working every day to say goodbye to them will help you create new, better habits!

Check-in with your emotions

Not letting your emotions get the best of you is not always simple. And oftentimes, emotions have strong connections to your old addictive habits. Perhaps you turned to your addictive substance in times when you felt sad, angry, tired, annoyed, etcetera. It’s not about shutting off your emotions, because we all feel things; we are emotional creatures. Knowing how to handle these feelings in a smart, productive way will stop you from turning back to your old ways.

Try more fulfilling options when you’re down in the dumps. Like running, hiking, spending time with loved ones, reading a good book. There are many ways to feel better and relax without having to make a choice you will regret.