House of Courage started as a place filled with hope and healing for those who wanted to seek treatment from addiction, anxiety, depression and toxic behaviours in their life.

At a very young age, I've always enjoyed helping others. Since then, I can say that this passion has grown even more. Life is not easy, and I can say that from personal experience. But, I've gained the skills and expertise I needed through real situations. I've learned many lessons, I've walked the path of pain and suffering through the years, and I have the confidence that if I can turn my life around, anyone can.

We ran a recovery house and a treatment program for people who want to heal and return to their families happier and healthier. I took a step back to re-evaluate so I could advance House of Courage and help more people.


Pivot To Life Coaching

We made the courageous pivot to remove our recovery house and pivot to life coaching. Years ago, I wrote a program called "The Courage to Change," after receiving so much positive feedback from this program, I decided to continue this. I helped people regain their self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth and self-respect. Whatever the reason is, I know I can help if you let me help.

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My life coaching services will be more accessible to those who need them. I love helping people and have made this as flexible as possible, online or in-person; I'm ready to help those feel happy again. Contact me anytime for more information; I am always here to talk. As well as adding life coaching to my services, we're also adding a motivational speaker and counselling services.