Many addicts often isolate themselves from others. It’s a way to hide our addictive behaviour from family, friends and co-workers. As the general public is now being in many cases, forced to isolate, this can pose an ideal situation for relapse. 

What are some self care behaviours you can establish for yourself during the coronavirus pandemic? If you don’t already practice some of these healthy behaviours, now is an opportune time to begin. 


Establish a meditation routine is a great way to care for yourself at any time. By quieting your mind, you can let go of the stresses and worries many of us finds ourselves ruminating over.  First thing in the morning meditation is a wonderful way to start your day. It can also be a relaxing way to end the day — clear your mind so you can have a better sleep.

Try new self talk

We are often much harsher with ourselves than with others. If we really listened to how we talk to ourselves, most of us would be horrified. We would never speak to a friend or loved one that way. If you are being too hard on yourself or beating yourself up over mistakes, practice catching yourself and begin the conversation over again. Eventually, this bad habit will become a healthier, kinder one.


Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated or involve going to a gym - something we can’t do at this time. Take a walk — one of the best and free exercises there is and one which many of us can do. It can also form part of your meditation if you find it hard to sit still. If you’re physically able, go for a bike ride. 


Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation is tough on you both physically and psychologically. Insufficient sleep causes wear and tear on your body and your mind. Getting enough hours of unbroken sleep is critical for physical and emotional wellbeing. Your body, as well as your mind, need that time to recover from the day.


Many people with addictions find themselves replacing one bad habit with another in recovery. Often, that new unhealthy behaviour can be eating sugary, junk food. Consider eliminating unhealthy food from your kitchen and replacing it with healthier options. Drink water when you feel a craving for sugar or other poor food choices. Your body will thank you — with more energy and a clearer mind.

Remember, easy does it. Begin one new habit at a time, or you risk failure by implementing a number of changes all at once. The goal is self care, and you want to be set yourself up for success.