addictionThere are many signs and symptoms of addiction and you may have some or all of them:

  • You cannot stop - once you take some of the substance, you are unable to stop. You may have made one serious attempt to give up, but were unsuccessful.

  • Withdrawal symptoms - when your body levels of that substance go below a certain point, you start to experience physical and mood-related symptoms — cravings, bouts of moodiness, bad temper, inability to focus, depression, frustration, anger, bitterness and resentment.


  • Addiction continues despite health problems - you continues taking the substance regularly, even though you are experiencing ill health as result of it.

  • Social and/or recreational sacrifices - you give up activities. You may not want to go somewhere alcohol is not available, or may choose to stay at home to use.  

  • Maintaining a good supply - you always make sure you have a good supply, even if it causes financial hardship.

  • Dealing with problems - you feel you need the substance to deal with your problems.

  • Obsession - you’re focused on ways of getting more.

  • Denial - you’re in denial and refuse to acknowledge you have a problem.

  • Excess consumption - you consumes the substance to excess in spite of the consequences.

  • Having problems with the law - this could be because the substance you are addicted to impairs judgment and you are taking risks you wouldn’t take if you were sober, or you break the law to get more of the substance.

  • Financial difficulties - you may sacrifice a lot to make sure your supply is secured.

  • Relationship problems - you’ve been experiencing problems with loved ones, friends and family.