Toxic behaviour doesn’t just affect the people around you. It also affects you. Addiction and toxic behaviours are closely linked in a continuous cycle. It can cause major strain in personal and professional relationships. It’s important you identify these behaviors before they do any more damage to you and your loved ones. Down below are some warning signs that indicate you may be engaging in toxic behaviour.

And if you notice yourself exhibiting some of these behaviors, don’t worry. It’s better to identify the issue than continue blissfully unaware. You have the capability to change and better yourself by understanding these behaviors. 

Being self-centred

If it’s not about you, you probably don’t care. A lack of care, support, or investment in other people’s lives is another sign you’re engaging in toxic behaviour. 


Being manipulative and being toxic go hand in hand. This is also tied to being self-centred. Forcing people to do what you want with complete disregard for their wellbeing is a key indicator that you’re being a toxic individual. 

Accountability and Responsibility

Those who are toxic usually never take accountability, or responsibility, for their actions. They never take ownership of the harm they’ve caused. They’re never in the wrong. And most importantly, they never apologize. 


Everyone has a bad day, but this is different. A constantly shifting attitude can cause concern every time people are around you. One minute you’re ok and the next you’re enraged. This inconsistency is a sign you are exhibiting toxic behaviour.