Unexpected-Benefits-of-Addiction-RecoveryWith addiction recovery, whether it’s freeing oneself from alcohol or drug abuse, there are obvious benefits like improving one’s health and saving one’s life. Not only do you keep yourself from getting into dangerous situations but, in successful sobriety there are also a number of fringe benefits that come as your reward.

Addiction recovery is hard work that requires dedication and willpower to succeed, it’s good to remember the light at the end of the tunnel. When the going gets tough, knowing what lies ahead can be the very thing that keeps you from relapsing and helps to pull you through the anxieties, doubts or fears you may have along the way.

Though recovery may be challenging work, the benefits and rewards are plentiful. Here are just a few of the many benefits you stand to reap with successful sobriety:

More Money

Addiction is expensive. The markup on alcohol at restaurants and bars is ridiculous. Add to this the cost of a cab, late night food purchases, picking up drugs, “black-out” ATM withdrawls and you can quickly see how addiction can add up. Now multiply that by however many times you’d do this in a month and you can see how much money goes to a habit that just leaves you feeling like crap the next day. 

Once sober, saving money is a lot easier. Regardless of your income, you won’t be blowing it on overpriced cocktails, cocaine or craft beer. Instead, you’ll have more money to do other healthy, things like treating yourself and a friend to a nice dinner, going on a trip, getting a gym membership, or updating your wardrobe. Making ends meet is a lot easier when you’re sober.

More Time

Addiction is time-consuming, it ends up being all encompassing in scope eating away at the time you could spend with friends and family or taking care of yourself. Rather than living one drink to the next or organizing life around how you can grab and use, you free up the time to engage in healthier, fun activities.

When sober, you have the time to revisit your favourite hobbies or develop new skills. There’s no need to spend all day nursing a hangover or planning how you’re going to get drugs or booze and get home that evening. Instead, you’ll have the free time to go for walk, reconnect with old friends, make art, play music, or find hobbies that’ll help rebuild and restore your confidence.  

Mental Clarity & Improved Memory

Sobriety is actually fun and the best part is, you’ll remember all the fun along the way. Addiction to drugs or alcohol wreaks havoc on your body and your memory. Rather than living in a cloudy haze that makes it difficult to remember things like birthdays, your work schedule or appointments, you’ll have the mental clarity to remember these things and the time to show up and be there for the people and obligations in your life. Being dependable and someone people can turn to and trust, is a wonderful feeling.

Better Relationships

Better-RelationshipsAs mentioned, showing up for the people in your life is an admirable trait. Addiction damages relationships, especially when your substance of choice takes precedence over the relationships in your life which is often the case with addiction. It’s common for relationships with friends, family, co-workers or even your partner to become strained because addiction and filling that addiction is more important than maintaining the relationship.

Once sober, you have the time to invest in your relationships and the mental clarity to rebuild them honestly. By reconnecting with who you are and the people who truly love you, you build a support network that helps build your confidence and that is there to aid you in your recovery journey. Sobriety brings emotions to the forefront and this vulnerability also helps to strengthen your relationships as it allows for more intimate conversations and true engagement with the people in your life.

You'll Look Better

Addiction repeatedly fills your body with toxins, unnecessary calories and also, takes away from the time you have to care for yourself. Sobriety allows your body to heal, it frees up the time for self care, whether that’s going to the gym, getting a pedicure or even taking a relaxing a bath.

Self-care is essential for a successful recovery and when you’re feeling good inside, people see it on the outside. When sober, you have both the time and more money to pamper yourself.  

You deserve all the rewards of your recovery!