Recovery is not an easy process. And it’s not something that can be done with one simple step. Getting sober is only one part of a lifelong journey, and it can seem daunting to face that.

Recovery programs are there to help you stay on track, away from the chaos of everyday life. They are beneficial in providing tips and solutions that will make your recovery smoother. But, they can even do much more than that for some people. Most times, people come out with more appreciation for the world around them, great friendships, and an overall clearer headspace.

Is it affordable?

Money may be your first concern, and that’s understandable. A recovery program, such as House of Courage, offers various treatment options with corresponding fees. There are finance options in place, such as monthly payments, so costs won’t delay treatment. Treatment is always the biggest priority.

The program is designed for you

The main goal of a recovery program is to guide you through the healing process. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone when it comes to healing. That’s why our treatment includes many options, such as: group therapy, workshops, life coaching, outdoor activities, healthy meal plans, excursions and much more.

After the recovery program

Relapse is an important concern for those who have earned their sobriety. Studies show that the risk of relapse is lowered after being in an addiction recovery program. Once you leave, your recovery still continues. This is something you have to work at forever, but it will only be easier because you have learned skills to help manage it.

Also, many people make great friends through the program. And when things get hard, you have them to turn to. You now have a solid group of people who understand what you are dealing with and you won’t have to face it alone.