It is finally Autumn, and with this season comes the excitement of all the upcoming holidays, beautiful colour changes and nearing the end of the year. This pandemic has been challenging, and we're nearing two years. However, with the holidays coming up, it gives us an excellent excuse for family gatherings and celebrations with friends; for those who are active in their addiction, which can be a challenging time because it also gives us reasons for drinking.

As everyone is getting back into their regular routines, it's an excellent time for you to start one too. However, you can begin your recovery at any time during the year. But if you haven't yet, here is why now is the best time.

Being Sober for the Holidays


The holidays can be very stressful for people and usually a difficult time to start your recovery due to all the distractions. However, the holidays are all about spending time with your loved ones, and if you don't want to spend another holiday drunk or high, now is the perfect time to change. 

On the plus side, it'll be a fantastic gift to your family and friends. So enjoy the holidays with them and creating lasting memories!


Kids are Back in School

The school year has started, and whether your kids are back in classes physically or virtually, school tends to keep them busy with homework, studying and afterschool activities. With your kids dealing with their busy schedules, this means you can take advantage of it and find time for your recovery and treatments.


Start a New Year Sober 

Why not get an early start on making a positive change in your life? It'll be an awesome start to your year, and with your recovery starting now, there is less pressure to have a "New Year's Resolution" revolving around recovery since you've already been setting your goals.


Fall is beautiful, the leaves are changing, and we get the pleasure of seeing some beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The cozy weather and warm colours will help you stay at peace. So why not change with the seasons? If you're finding the perfect time to start your recovery, don't delay it any further. Get started now, and if you need support House of Courage is always here to help you on your path to a better life.