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House of Courage rebuilds hope and provides a healing environment for those who seek respite and treatment from toxic behaviors, addictions, anxiety, and depression. Whatever your journey, we are here to provide compassionate, non-judgmental support and comfort as you travel the road to recovery. Our team is passionate and dedicated to the courageous individuals who come through our doors hoping to make a change.

Your courage is what inspires us and your recovery is our goal.


Peaceful and Private Living

Our all-inclusive recovery house spans 20 acres of natural land with spectacular scenery, providing the ideal environment for healing and recovery. Situated among the natural beauty of western Canada, the property is home to all kinds of wildlife, including: owls, deer, hawks, moose, coyotes, foxes, gophers, Canadian geese, and other various kinds of birds. We encourage those staying in the home to roam the property and utilize nature's beauty to reconnect with the peace that surrounds the recovery house. Residents also have access to the hot tub and sauna, indoor pool, relaxation room, games room, exercise equipment, outdoor sports equipment and the surrounding land to reconnect with nature to heal the mind, body and spirit. We also have the lastest safety equipment required to ensure your well-being during your recovery at the House of Courage.

View our Gallery page to see all of the different rooms and areas of the House of Courage.





One-on-One Care

Our treatment program provides comprehensive one-on-one care for all of our clients. Our program can be personalized for those that cannot commit to the full length of the program. We aim to optimize the healing process for each individual and alternate options can be provided. Our attentive and client-focused approach means that your recovery and well-being are our first priority.

Your treatment program can include the following:

  • Workshops
  • Group Therapy
  • Life Coaching
  • Personal time for reflection, reading and treatment assignments
  • Relaxation, exercise, recreation and wellness activities
  • Outdoor activities
  • Group excursions
  • Healthy organic meals
  • And more