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Here is a look at experiences with the House of Courage that has had a positive impact on their lives. Here are some recent testimonials from our clients:

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House of courage has been a real relief for my family. After years looking at my husband going down, asking myself if I should leave with our son and break up our family. When he finally decided to admit his alcohol addiction, I talked to a friend, who knew a recovery house, and ask for his advice/help. I truly believed a that time that there was no one better to understand me. My husband agreed to meet him. When my friend came home to talk with my husband, he introduced him HOUSE OF COURAGE. It was maybe the beginning, but the first big step.

My husband went to HOC for his alcohol addiction to get help and to find his true self again. It wasn’t easy, but we realized that is journey at HOC was so reliving. I love him, and I didn’t wanted to loose him. All I wanted, it’s having back the man I fallen for.

He did his Recovery Program at HOC, and something absolutely amazing happened with him. When he came back, I couldn’t believe how he worked on himself to come back with our son and me has a better person. Finally my lovely husband was back. Our relationship could not be better, he could not be a better father. We had for sure to get together and leave that part of the past behind and never use it against us.

He did learn so many life skills that make our life so easier and loveable again. Our family, our relationship is in a such better place. I never been so happy and proud to never give up. But if we never had HOC crossed our way, I don’t know what would’ve happened. I’ll never be that thankful enough to HOC to be there when we did really need it.

Of course, I’m not gonna take the credit of anything. My husband deserve 100% of all the work he did for him, but without HOC, he wouldn’t get all the tools he needed to accomplish the toughest battle of his life.

Christine Coupe, the owner/director of the program is a total gem. She was able to guide him, to give him all the tools and life skills to succeed on his recovery and life. Like I said, I’ll never be thankful enough of Christine, her husband Barry and all the staff for what they accomplished with my husband. For a while, I felt hopeless about him getting better, but with the great program she created, he was able to get back on his feet. Even if my husband did the hardest part, a lot of credit of his success belongs to Christine and HOC.

Three years later, from what’s I’m seeing of my husband recovery, I strongly recommend HOC to anyone who really, truly, wants to change their behaviours once for all.

I feel so lucky and thankful to life to having Christine cross my husband and I way. I wish to anyone to have the same.

Posted By: Mimie
In May of 2019, I was in the darkest place I have ever been. I'd been drinking daily for 10 years, and woke up every day in withdrawal. I'd been battling depression and anxiety for over 20 years, and my drinking was making it worse. I didn't think anyone could help me anymore, I was too broken. My relationship was in shambles, I disappeared from my family for years at a time, I couldn't keep a job or any sense of stability in my life. I wasn't living anymore, I merely existed. I somehow found the strength to have that conversation with myself: either I reach out for help or end up dying that way. I'm glad I chose the former.

I made a call and was referred to Christine at House of Courage. I had spoken to other rehabs, who gave me their spiel that sounded like they were reading mechanically off an information sheet. I didn't feel like they cared about me or recognized I was at the most vulnerable point of my life. I was so deflated that I almost didn't pick up Christine's call, but I thank the universe every day that I did, over 20 months later now.

Christine was so understanding and wanted to hear my thoughts and feelings. She didn't judge me and knew exactly how I felt. You can't shock her, believe me. She asked me what was my pain, a question no one had asked me before. I felt like she had jumped into the boat I was rowing poorly all by myself, and started rowing with me.

She was very open to answer every question I had about the program, and invited me for a tour which was very helpful. I was met with nothing but kindness and warmth from Christine and Barry, who both had a true understanding of where I was coming from. House of Courage is a beautiful home in the woods with plenty of wildlife in such a peaceful setting. It feels like a home, not a facility, and as a resident you become part of the HOC family.

I decided to stay for a 60 day program, which was scary, but it was more terrifying to keep "living" the way I had been. The program is immensely effective and had me dig down to the roots of my addiction. Christine tailors the program to each resident's needs, so you will not be getting a cookie cutter program like you're a robot. She is intuitive to everyone's unique personalities and knows we all need different types of support. She knows when to have a gentle hand, and when to hold you accountable for your bullshit.

Every day I draw upon the skills and lessons I learned at HOC. The skills I learned not only help me in my recovery, but with my mental health also.

Christine and Barry are an amazing couple who have created a very unique recovery experience. They provide a safe and non-judgmental environment, where you can thoroughly recover and work on yourself.

The support workers while I was a resident were inspiring and very relatable. They had all been through the program themselves, so they knew exactly what I was going through.

Working with Diane (an incredible therapist who is part of the HOC family) instilled in me new ways of thinking. She helped me heal from past trauma and leave it in the past. Her guidance and collaboration with Christine helped tackle my issues from many angles.

There are many things to do in your spare time at HOC, including making use of the indoor pool, hot tub or sauna, and many games, crafts, and books to read. The massage chair was a personal favourite. There are outdoor activities, gym equipment and basketball, and the property is beautiful to explore. Also, Cooper, Tom and Jerry, who are Christine and Barry's dog and cats are so comforting. Cuddles from them really cheered me up on a tough day.

Many other programs plan every single minute of your day, but this program gives the appropriate amount of leeway so you don't feel herded from thing to thing all day. You are given the appropriate time to reflect, relax, and have fun, while still having the structure of workshops and activities during the day. I really enjoyed that you are expected to take 90 minutes a day for self care, and it's a habit I keep to this day.

If you or a loved one are seeking help, I could not recommend a better place to start than calling House of Courage.
To those of you questioning getting help, I know what it feels like. Maybe you think you're too far gone. Maybe you think you don't deserve help. Maybe you think it will get better on its own. I have thought every single one of those things, but I will say the best thing I've done in my 36 years of life was going to HOC. It is possible to take your lowest moment and plant a seed with it - one of hope, growth and healing. I know this because I did it, and I know you can too.

The wise words of Martin Luther King Jr. say it best: "You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step."

I am forever grateful to Christine and Barry for believing in me, and all of the HOC team - you are all very important to me, and I will never forget the compassion you gave me and the lessons I learned from each and every one of you.
Posted By: Laura
Former Resident, Calgary
House of courage truly changed my life. Like many others here, before House of Courage, I wasn't sure what to do with where my addiction and life was at in general. A friend recommended me to HOC and although it was intimidating to think of committing to a recovery program, I can honestly say it saved my life. HOC is not like a normal rehab facility, it is a home. Christine and Barry are so kind, so caring and so understanding. Although they challenged me, it was all done in the best way and with the best goal; my recovery. Not only was the time during recovery at HOC one of the best experiences of my life, but the support that comes after is also so helpful. I cannot say enough how much HOC helped me and continues to always! Thank you to Christine and Barry for all they offer!
Posted By: Sal

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