Your courage is what inspires us and your recovery is our goal.

Here is a look at experiences with the House of Courage that has had a positive impact on their lives. Here are some recent testimonials from our clients:

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

i struggled with addiction, depression and anxiety on and off for 15 years. I was in the depth of my addiction when I walked through the doors of The House of Courage. I can honestly say tthe best choice i have ever made was the choice to walk through those doors. Christine and the staff there gave me the tools I needed to change my life. Recovery is not just the absence of a substance, it is a change of mind, body and soul. The HOC not only gave me the strength to be sober, it gave me the strength to take back all aspects of my life. I am finally the husband, friend, son, brother,father and most importantly the man I have always wanted to be. I owe so much of that to Christine and the HOC. Oh and the food there was AAAAAAAAAAAAMAZING. They spare no expense to make you feel comfortable, its not a business its a home and its a family. Anyone that is looking to take back their life needs to walk through those doors.
Posted By: Brad L
After battling with alcoholism and drug addiction (and losing) for many, many years, I finally lost everything and hit the lowest point in my life. My world unravelled completely and I was only going to get worse if I didn't seek the help I needed. I found the House of Courage online, and after some investigation and speaking with Christine, I made the choice to commit to a 30 day program. When I arrived I was somewhat skeptical, but as I began to open my heart and my mind, the growth and healing was able to begin. Christine, the support staff, and the residents of the House changed my life forever. The healthy balance of compassion, realism, choice, structure, peace, and honesty was exactly the atmosphere I needed for my recovery. Life wasn't "easy" to rebuild once I got back out - my journey has only just begun - but with the tools, self-awareness, and sobriety I now have, it is certainly much "easier". I can finally be present in the moment, not guilty for the past, or anxious for the future. All I have to do is take care of myself, keep up my sobriety, and things will work out. Thanks House of Courage Family.
Posted By: Ken
I was lost and had pretty much given up on life. I had shut down and lost all hope.

I did the 30 day program at the House of Courage and what a difference it has made in my life! I have all the necessary tools to battle my addiction and keep moving forward everyday. When I first arrived for my program I was lifeless and numb to any kind of emotion. When I left after 30 days I was able to live life and feel things. I was no longer dead inside but full of life and hope. I highly recommend this program to anybody struggling with addictions. It has made me deal with my problems instead of running away from them like I have always done.

I can't thank Christine and Barry enough for giving me a new lease on life. They really care about their residents that come to the program. You instantly feel like family once you arrive, it is such a warm and loving atmosphere. All staff members are excellent and helpful with alot of knowledge with addictions. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself.

Thank you House of Courage!
Posted By: Daniel

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