Your courage is what inspires us and your recovery is our goal.

Here is a look at experiences with the House of Courage that has had a positive impact on their lives. Here are some recent testimonials from our clients:

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

I was a broken, bitter and negative human. Couldn't look in the mirror. I had no self love and I couldn't define love.

After three weeks at the HOC I knew I needed more. I stayed for 60 days.

The house gave me time, time I needed to learn. Time I needed to breathe. Time for my spinning mind to catch up. Time to live in the moment.

After my stay I feel everything. I hid behind 30+ years of pain. I was attention seeking, aggressive, manipulator, and on and on.

I had no respect for myself. I hated everything about me and started to hate the world.

After I finished the program, my husband/partner of 12 years wants a divorce but....,after seeing my strength and my limits, he himself has enrolled into the program. Even though my marriage may not be save, I can do anything. Him and I may move forward together or not.

What I do know is, we will both be okay not matter the result.

I'm okay, so everything around me will be okay! It starts with me! Once again, if I'm okay, it's all okay!

I love the HOC!! Miss Christine and Barry everyday.

Thank you for helping me save my life.
Posted By: Amanda
Vancouver Island
Making the decision to go to the house of courage has been the best and most important step in my life this far. Before going to the house of courage I battled addiction with drugs and alcohol for over 10 years always thinking I would be able to quit one day. After hitting rock bottom many many times I finally decided to get help and started looking for a place to go. After 2 days of being on the phone with people in recovery homes I knew that the House of Courage was the one for me because Christine really cares for the well being of her residents and wants nothing but the best for everyone who steps through her front door. She is the nicest lady I have ever met in my life and when It comes to teaching you how to deal with your addictions and your Behaviours she is absolutely amazing at her Job. Over the course of a 30 day program that I completed with success there are a lot of emotional highs and lows but the House of Courage and all the people here get along like one big happy family and it's a very comforting place to be. I can't thank Christine and her staff enough for helping me get my life back for myself and my family I love them all and will continue to see them the rest of my life.

Thank you so much Joe 2.
Posted By: Joe
I had a great experience at The House of Courage. This is a very unique program that truly works. Christine is a great person who truly cares for everyone that walks through the door. She has a great way about her to get you to open up about things and get you to start loving yourself. I'm very grateful of what I learned while there, I'm much more confident and have many more tools to help me succeed out in the world. The food is amazing they spare no expenses. The house has a great positive attitude and is very homey. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Posted By: Alan

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