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Thank You House Of Courage
I felt like I was at the end of my rope. I had been using drugs and alcohol for 25 yrs.

My addiction had caused the break up of my family. A year had went by and I was getting worse.

My ex was not letting me see my two little angels, I was on the verge of losing my career and my bills were piling up I and almost lost my home.

I needed help! I could not do it alone. I found the H.O.C on line and I instantly knew that it was the place for me.

I called the following morning and that was my first step to recovery.

It had taken me a couple of weeks to get the funds together but in that time The H.O.C kept in touch with me, which meant a lot and showed me that they really cared.

Once I finally arrived, the house welcomed me with open arms!

It had great feel and vibe about it which made me feel at ease. It seemed like a big family which I soon realized was true.

Christine gave me the tools and knowledge to move forward with my life. She helped me find my true authentic self and I can finally feel again!

Christine's program and her huge heart have given me the strength to remain sober and abstinent since I left on Jan. 7 2017.

I feel great, I am honest with my self and others and I now feel, that I can truly enjoy life!

Thank You again SOOO much Christine, Barry, Garfield and the entire House Of Courage


Posted By: Jayone
I am so blessed and so thankful to the house of courage. My son Dominic, was the youngest to be a resident and my goodness I am so glad I listened to my gut when after calling 6 treatment centres the last call I made was with Christine , the most wholesome , sweet soul I have ever spoke with and eventrually physically met. She gave my son tools. She gave Dominic the ingredients to help him deal with real life situations that may have him steered the wrong way ! I am so proud of my son for I know. He always reminds me. Mom. It's easy to be tuff , it' takes true effort to remain strong. My son likes and also loves Christine , he speaks of his life coach often and knows that the two have an understanding which remains sacred within them
Posted By: Jeanette
Dominic pellett, Langley British Columbia
My son just spent 2 months at the House of Courage. From the moment I took him there, I knew, without a doubt, it was were he needed to be. I knew that everyone there would become another family for him. And that this would become a second home for him. I knew he would find the help he needed. As a parent, this is very hard to admit, but I just wasn't able to help him with his issues and with his addiction. I also had SUCH a sense of peace, knowing that he would be safe and loved there. And I also knew it would be life changing for him and in turn, for me. We, as parents, cannot be everything that our children need and to know that there is such a place out there, where he will be just as loved, supported and encouraged, is the best feeling a mother can have. I want to thank the House of Courage, Christine, Barry and everyone else there, a huge thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I believe in you, I believe in your program, and I truly believe it has helped my son and will continue to do so throughout his life. He has learned things I wasn't able to help him with. And I will continue having peace of mind, knowing that he will also always have you as a family, even though his program is over. You've become so very special to him and I love that he will always continue to have your support. There are not enough words to express my gratitude to you all. Much, much love.
Posted By: Shannon S
Calgary, AB

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