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Here is a look at experiences with the House of Courage that has had a positive impact on their lives. Here are some recent testimonials from our clients:

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

The House of Courage is a place that will change your life for the better. Christine's program will give you the tools you need to stop destroying your life, to live the life you deserve to live. Any addiction or just living a life of pure destruction, this program can help you love yourself again. If you have lost your way and are ready to make a change you will not find a more loving, caring, intelligent program, everything that comes with it is truly authentic beauty. I thank the House of Courage daily for giving me a second chance at life.

Posted By: Odessa
House of courage is amazing facility I tried my way for years an couldn't seem to succeed with my problems but I had the courage to walk through those doors an it changed my life with the staffs help I love them with all my heart an would highly recommend it to anyone out there,I was a hard ass guy with the biggest ego an didn't care about things or people an their feelings but now I'm back to the old me soft heart an care for others ,the staff is amazing the house is full of love an I miss it everyday! Now I'm even going to try be a role model/speaker an give back to my community to speak to the youth.only you can change your future an they give you the tools to change. My family is shocked with what the house did for me an your family could be to just trust in the program an steps,it's nice to see people change for the better❤️
Posted By: Mathew s
This is by far the easiest but most important testimonial I have ever written or spoken about. I was very sick, my life was ruled and controlled by substance abuse and alcohol. The typical story, starting to lose things dear to me in my life. People, material items and most importantly myself. I was lost and now I am found. Christine and the incredible team at the house of courage really truly changed my life. The program is simple but complex. It is basic but detailed and if you are at a point in your life where the chaos is to much but you cant seem to shut it down then this is the place for you or your loved one. Right down to the 5 star gourmet food from George in the kitchen to help nurse you back to physical health. Stop listening to the demon on your shoulder who tells you that your relationship with the bottle is worth losing everything else and let Christine show you with her 2 decades of experience how to start to live again. I am sober and healthy now for over 80 days. My family is connected again with trust I lost long ago and guess what???? I never thought that doing activities would be fun or fulfilling without being high or drunk. WOW WAS I WRONG and the respect I have from my co workers..... Unbelievable!!!! Every time someone says to me "you have changed" and they don't know what I did to start the change, reminds me of why I should have done this years ago. Other than getting on the right track in the best treatment center in the world there a few perks everyone considering the house of courage should know about. There are many programs out there designed to help us get sober, sure. But the house of courage over and above offers this. A beautiful home on an acreage that matches any wildlife reserve you've ever seen. An indoor pool and hot tub. The best food I have ever eaten for breakfast lunch and supper. OMG the food. OMG the food. LOL An atmosphere of hysterical fun with people that have been through your issues first hand. No military style rules and the nicest, caring loving people that go from strangers in a day to your family for the rest of your life. Stop f*%#ing around and grab ahold of your life again. You go to the house of courage... You will love yourself again and start to get back the things dear to your heart that alcohol and drugs took away. DO IT!!!!!! I love you Christine, you are like a mom to me and you will forever remain in my heart as the angel that took my hand and breathed life back into a broken man. I could go on for days. I have already driven from B.C to A.B once since Xmas to visit and I am going to visit a few times a year. You do not let people like this become a memory. I have another family. I went to one of the most expensive treatment centers in western Canada in 2010 and failed after a few weeks. It is a common center used on the T.V hit "intervention". Honestly the house of courage is different and unlike my 2010 detox experience can say, I finally feel safe and I know one day at a time that I will be able to say I've been sober for 20 years, 20 years from now. Sorry for rambling but Christine is worth this rant of life!! LIVE AGAIN!!!! House of courage will teach you how and it will be successful.
Posted By: Dan B

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