Your courage is what inspires us and your recovery is our goal.

Here is a look at experiences with the House of Courage that has had a positive impact on their lives. Here are some recent testimonials from our clients:

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Well where do I begin?... I struggled with addiction and totally lost myself before I got inrolled at HOC. The house of courage is the best place to be to find your True self and become the best version of yourself!. The program is unbelievable me and my older brother went to HOC and we are living our best lifes healthy. All I can say is do it for yourself not anyone else! Christine and Barry are wonderful people and they put the time into every person there! And treat you like family. I was a broken person with so much guilt when I first got to HOC and it feels amazing not having the guiltiness and unhonesty. House of courage isn't just for people who struggle with addiction but those who dont have any addiction problems at all just for the tools. Bad behavior ect. Not a day goes by I dont think about this place. Never give up! :) and one more thing... the food is outstanding! And the chef is a great person. Someone I really got along with and I hope he sees the message ! Thank you for everything, christine and Barry
Posted By: Bryce Pellett
I'm Bryce. I'm 20 years old and I went to house of courage at 19 years old. I love who I have become!, Vancouver BC
I have worked closely with Ms. Christine and the House of Courage staff for the last two years as an independent contractor supplying Drug and Alcohol Testing for all new guests at intake, and should the need arise, for follow up testing. I have watched residents come and go through the program and have seen nothing but positivity and encouragement.

Ms. Christine genuinely cares about her charges and has always shown herself to be knowledgeable and sympathetic no matter the circumstances. She has no problem calling people out when they are not putting in their whole effort or if they try to deceive, which is absolutely needed in an addiction recovery situation.

Ms. Christine is also not one to recommend their program if she truly believes that it will not be a good fit, and offers support that goes well beyond the residents time at the facility.

I am proud to work with, and count the House of Courage Team as friends. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone needing help with an addiction, and will confidently say that any individual moving ahead with House of Courage will benefit not only form the program, but the friendships and support they will gain.
Posted By: Patrick Inkster
Drug and Alcohol Intake Technician, Calgary
I am writing this testimonial for House of Courage because this place has completely changed my life. We decided to make the step of sending my husband which was terrifying as I'd be alone with our infant and toddler. So if you are reading this and in a similar position please make the jump and send your loved one. It may seem scary for the period of time at treatment but the reward of a sober life partner is so worth it. Since he has been back, things have been more than great. He has come back so happy, positive and appreciative to the simple things in life. Though the most important thing Christine taught him is self love. He is now a role model to our family and friends and his new outlook on life is catching. Christine has continued to help us as we can check in and ask her question whenever we need. I am forever so grateful for everyone who was apart of his journey. I cannot say it enough. Thank you House of Courage!
Posted By: Fallon Martin
Wife of Addict, Regina, SK

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