Your courage is what inspires us and your recovery is our goal.

Here is a look at experiences with the House of Courage that has had a positive impact on their lives. Here are some recent testimonials from our clients:

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

I wanted to write a note of appreciation and gratitude to the House of Courage. You saved my son's life during a time when he was lost and on a very self destructive path. The way I found you that day was by way of several small miracles that led me to talking to Christine on the phone. She listened to my plight with full understanding and thankfully, she came to the rescue. From that day on, Christine and Barry guided him (and us) through the process and did everything they could to help us all manage the ups and downs and different phases of recovery. He was received at the House of Courage with open arms by a team of people who were equipped with years of knowledge and experience. Your professionalism and kindness through his time there, helped him have a new lease on life and provided with him with coping skills and new tools to manage his anxiety and depression. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for being our light through the fog and for being an Angel on this earth Mama bear. Je t'aime beaucoup beaucoup .. xoxo
Posted By: Joy
Mom of an Addict, Edmonton
I am writing this review on the 145th day of living my best life, and while I know that Christine and the team at the House of Courage would disagree with the following statement, I certainly do owe my present wellness entirely to Team House of Courage.

I am a 45 year old woman and a mother of 2 young adults.

I lived through emotional and physical trauma through much of my life, which directly impacted my ability to love myself, and as such, my self-esteem and confidence was poor for as long as I can recall.

Of course, moving through life over the years, I never much thought about the hurts and disappointments that I experienced; the truth was, it was such a part of me, that I defined myself by it and didn't even know who I was anymore, if I ever did.

For me, this meant I had poor self-worth and unintentionally engaged in self-sabotaging behaviours, including drugs (prescription etc), alcohol, vitamins, supplements, spending, and other activities in extreme.

This impacted the relationships I had with others in my life, but no more so than the relationship I had with myself.

I was afraid to express my emotions, and angry towards those who had wronged me, disappointed in a life that I didn't have the courage to live to the fullest, and setting a terrible example for my children who desperately needed a mother who was consistent, reliable, and present.

All the while, I did my best to meet the needs of others, and holding it together (barely) for everyone else but the one that mattered the most - ME.

I was filled with self-loathing and when I lost 2 close family members back to back 2 years ago, I commenced a downward spiral that ultimately had me filled with self-hatred and contemplating suicide.

I was resentful of LIFE and the shitty deck of cards I had been dealt.

As far as I was concerned, I was done with life.

And so it was over Christmas 2018 that I reached out to Christine in my darkest hour, a moment that found me searching for the smallest amount of courage I needed to pick up the phone and make that call.

And that call changed my life.

At the time, walking through the doors of the House of Courage for the first time was the hardest thing I had ever done, but it was nothing compared to the decades of existing in cloud of self-hatred, surviving only with dysfunctional coping mechanisms that were serving only to bring me closer to an early grave.

Simply put, the program not only redefined my life, but saved it.

The program exceeded my expectations in every way, shape, and form.

The essentials of optimizing self-care are all taken care of, for we cannot have a healthily mind and live our best life, if we do not first have a healthy body.

Accommodations are comfortable and clean, and I can honestly state that I had some of the best sleep of my life in the safety of the House of Courage.

My bed was comfortable, the towels were plentiful, and the common spaces well maintained.

I enjoyed the recreation facilities as a regular part of self-care - the exercise equipment, hot tub, pool and sauna contributed to my daily wellness, and I have carried on with similar self-care activities. I sparked a renewed interest in painting and the craft supplies are plentiful and of good quality.

Everyone is expected to clean up after themselves and abide by basic house rules like being respectful of others space and possessions, assisting in meal clean up and weekly house clean-up, and as these are life skills, go a long way to maintaining a functional and organized space that all can flourish in.

The food is outstanding. Barry is an outstanding chef who eagerly works with the residents to create foods that appeal to the group while still considering preferences and tastes. His stuffed pork loin was a personal favorite :). There is no shortage of food, with fresh fruit and vegetables with salad available at every meal. Residents are encouraged to partake in weekly trips by staff for the purchase of speciality items at their own expense, like chips, pop and other permitted approved comfort items that will undoubtedly make your healing more comfortable.

The Personal Support Workers are all former Residents, and as such, this defines the difference in a publicly funded government hospital-based program and the House of Courage. Having faced similar struggles and with a familiarity with the program, they provide open, honest, compassionate care from a place of life experience and love. Unlike Hospital-based programs, they are available 24/7 and as we know, pain and addiction never rest. The kindness and empathy Odessa showed me for the duration of my stay at the House of Courage was instrumental in my healing.

The program is a comprehensive 4 step program, and believe me when I say - If you want it bad enough, it is yours for the taking.

Basics such as human emotions, communication, self-care and ego are covered, and you will learn the foundations of self-esteem, self-worth and their value in a healthy relationship with oneself, and concrete, valuable techniques and tools to apply to real life situations and life outside the safety of the House of Courage.

The program delves into the depths of trauma and with the support of a Counsellor (optional), you have the ability to create a life of authenticity by your own design. Diane is a knowledgeable and professional Counsellor, who provides therapeutic, behavior-based treatment to augment the existing program and help you move forward in a consistent, goal-directed direction. She is one of the kindest, most authentic individuals you will meet and I highly recommend her services to enhance your healing.

Christine is the foundation of the House of Courage. She speaks from life experience and a place of empathy, encouraging you to get to the root cause of the pain, and offering concrete, realistic solutions to work through it. She has the natural ability to simultaneously offer guidance while fostering self-esteem. Her one and only goal is to encourage you to dig as deep as possible, get to the root of the trauma and pain, and provide you with the tools necessary to reinvent your best self. She is an outstanding individual, one who speaks from a place of honesty and courage, and the world would be a better place if she was the mother of all children.
I do not state that lightly - she has the power to light in you the match that will save your life. It's up to you if you choose to do so.
You will cry a lot at the House of Courage.

You may be wondering if the House of Courage is the right choice, leaving your family, or your dog and your job for 60 or 90 days.

You may be doubting you even NEED the House of Courage, and you may be thinking 'it's not THAT bad", and to that doubt I say this:

If you are reaching out now, it is for a reason.

If you have come across my testimonial, it is for a reason.

If you are struggling, there is hope.

And that hope has been within YOU the entire time.

Allow yourself to heal the broken pieces, and be the creator of your best self.

Find forgiveness for those that have wronged you, not for them, but for yourself so you no longer have to carry their burdens of shame on your shoulders. That gets SO heavy.

You DO deserve it.

Life can't wait any longer.

Be your best self and be the author of the best chapter of your life!

You are WORTH it!

Posted By: My Best Self
Previous Resident, Edmonton
Today, I’m 10 months sober. Life is good. Christine’s program gave me the skills I needed to get my life back on track. I gained a new confidence.
My alcoholism was sending me down a path of total destruction. I have many regrets from my past but I learned to leave them there, in the past. The program has given my the tools I need to deal all situations.
I have my life back and for that I’m so grateful.
House of Courage is so welcoming. It is situated in a gorgeous country setting. Lots of space to take a walk.
Barry and Phil provided us with amazing home cooked meals.
There are many amenities.
Pool, exercise equipment, craft area, lots of movies and lot of great books and much more.
I wanted to get well and I choose the right place. I work everyday using what I learned to stay sober.
It works!!!
Posted By: Connie

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