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We would love to hear from you! Please provide your valuable testimonial. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Attending treatment at the House of Courage changed my life, and saved it. The approach made me examine my life, and really understand issues about myself in order to live an authentic, happy, and rewarding life. The family atmosphere, comfortable surroundings, and small groups make for a safe and secure environment to achieve the steps and skills one needs to fight their personal struggles. The food is great as well! I have attended a previous treatment center and I can say that the aftercare and support at the House of Courage is beyond any I ever imagined or experienced. The support you receive doesn't end once your program is finished. Christine, Barry, and the wonderful staff are invested! For that I am grateful ?
Posted By: Michelle
I'd like to express my thanks to Christne for admitting me even though I did not have any addictions. At the time I called I was experiencing severe depression and anxiety. It was difficult to get out of bed. I had no purpose and no direction. I was stressed out about a pending divorce and didn't think I would survive into my later years. I was done.

I spent 30 days at the House of Courage and threw myself in completely. I won't say it was easy. I had a lot of work to do on myself. I needed to re focus. I needed to fulfill my basic needs and to give myself a sense of direction. I needed to break through the mental paralysis I was experiencing for the sake of myself and my children. I couldn't do it alone. Christine's guidance helped me to gather my inner strength, deal with and purge my emotions and move forward.

Now I can say that I experience tough moments instead of tough weeks, months and years. I still struggle at times but I can reconnect with the House of Courage when I feel I need it and it helps me to continue my focus on the present instead of living in the past or future.

I am grateful for all the help I've received and continue to receive. The House of Courage is a family that supports me and makes me feel accepted.

I recommend this place for anyone struggling with addictions or just with anxiety and depression such as myself. I was the only one there without a substance addiction but I was more similar to the residents than I'd ever imagined because the root problem in all of us was stress, anxiety and depression. I'm glad I went. It was a life saver.
Posted By: Iva
Anxiety and depression, Calgary
I would like to say thank you so much to the house of Courage for flipping my life around, before coming to the program I hit rock bottom and was at the last legs of my life. The program has not only giving me strength but also a mid set in which to guide me on an amazing journey through life. With such an amazing director the program has built me up for rock bottom back to my self again, there is an endless amount of great things to be said about the House of Courage so for anyone struggling in any sort of problems with life I give my 100% recommendations towards this program. It has truly saved my life.
Posted By: Cody G
I just wanted to say thanks to the house of courage! I was there in November to December. I was a mess and on my last legs with my family. Thanks to my beautiful gf making the call to the house of courage and Christine and rest of the house to make room for me even tho there was a full house already. The house of courage gave me the tools, the encouragement, and what I believe I needed most the time to stay clean. Today I am 6 months going on 7 completely clean and living and loving life again. Thanks again everyone who made this possible so far..and that goes for all the other house guests that were there with me and showed me there are different ways in life to have fun yet be clean
Posted By: Daniel
It's been two months since I was a resident at the House of Courage. Prior to going I was a sick, sad and a broken soul. I was living a life that wasn't in line with my ethics and morals all the while devastating my family.

It wasn't an easy decision to leave my family for 1 month especially since I was a stay at home mom and the primary caregiver but I new that the way things were going I had no choice. It was either get help or... well I don't even want to go there.

I choose the House of Courage because of the homey atmosphere and the fact that if possible your friends and family were welcome for Sunday visits.

I'm so grateful to of found Christine and the rest of the staff at the House. They were so patient and welcoming and really understood my issues. While I still have work todo, I now have the tools and a solid foundation to stand on not to mention a new lease on life. They helped my find my authentic self and I now treat myself with more self-compassion.

Thank-you Christine, Barry, George, Paula, Ozark, Garfield and the other residents for helping me get my life back. ❤️

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf."
John Kabat-Zinn
Posted By: Kathryn
The House of Courage is a place that will change your life for the better. Christine's program will give you the tools you need to stop destroying your life, to live the life you deserve to live. Any addiction or just living a life of pure destruction, this program can help you love yourself again. If you have lost your way and are ready to make a change you will not find a more loving, caring, intelligent program, everything that comes with it is truly authentic beauty. I thank the House of Courage daily for giving me a second chance at life.

Posted By: Odessa
House of courage is amazing facility I tried my way for years an couldn't seem to succeed with my problems but I had the courage to walk through those doors an it changed my life with the staffs help I love them with all my heart an would highly recommend it to anyone out there,I was a hard ass guy with the biggest ego an didn't care about things or people an their feelings but now I'm back to the old me soft heart an care for others ,the staff is amazing the house is full of love an I miss it everyday! Now I'm even going to try be a role model/speaker an give back to my community to speak to the youth.only you can change your future an they give you the tools to change. My family is shocked with what the house did for me an your family could be to just trust in the program an steps,it's nice to see people change for the better❤️
Posted By: Mathew s
This is by far the easiest but most important testimonial I have ever written or spoken about. I was very sick, my life was ruled and controlled by substance abuse and alcohol. The typical story, starting to lose things dear to me in my life. People, material items and most importantly myself. I was lost and now I am found. Christine and the incredible team at the house of courage really truly changed my life. The program is simple but complex. It is basic but detailed and if you are at a point in your life where the chaos is to much but you cant seem to shut it down then this is the place for you or your loved one. Right down to the 5 star gourmet food from George in the kitchen to help nurse you back to physical health. Stop listening to the demon on your shoulder who tells you that your relationship with the bottle is worth losing everything else and let Christine show you with her 2 decades of experience how to start to live again. I am sober and healthy now for over 80 days. My family is connected again with trust I lost long ago and guess what???? I never thought that doing activities would be fun or fulfilling without being high or drunk. WOW WAS I WRONG and the respect I have from my co workers..... Unbelievable!!!! Every time someone says to me "you have changed" and they don't know what I did to start the change, reminds me of why I should have done this years ago. Other than getting on the right track in the best treatment center in the world there a few perks everyone considering the house of courage should know about. There are many programs out there designed to help us get sober, sure. But the house of courage over and above offers this. A beautiful home on an acreage that matches any wildlife reserve you've ever seen. An indoor pool and hot tub. The best food I have ever eaten for breakfast lunch and supper. OMG the food. OMG the food. LOL An atmosphere of hysterical fun with people that have been through your issues first hand. No military style rules and the nicest, caring loving people that go from strangers in a day to your family for the rest of your life. Stop f*%#ing around and grab ahold of your life again. You go to the house of courage... You will love yourself again and start to get back the things dear to your heart that alcohol and drugs took away. DO IT!!!!!! I love you Christine, you are like a mom to me and you will forever remain in my heart as the angel that took my hand and breathed life back into a broken man. I could go on for days. I have already driven from B.C to A.B once since Xmas to visit and I am going to visit a few times a year. You do not let people like this become a memory. I have another family. I went to one of the most expensive treatment centers in western Canada in 2010 and failed after a few weeks. It is a common center used on the T.V hit "intervention". Honestly the house of courage is different and unlike my 2010 detox experience can say, I finally feel safe and I know one day at a time that I will be able to say I've been sober for 20 years, 20 years from now. Sorry for rambling but Christine is worth this rant of life!! LIVE AGAIN!!!! House of courage will teach you how and it will be successful.
Posted By: Dan B
What can I say about the "House of Courage" the name says it all. No words can express how I feel about the facility, coordinators, chef and especially Christine. Everyone is welcomed with courage and hope. From what I have seen so far with the program it is intense but also heart warming. The experience that is shared with the participants is phenominal. They are very caring and know what they are doing. Christine goes out of her way to not only assist the participants but the families as well. They are not in the material part of the business their heart and soul is in helping participants and showing them the road to success and a better life I am very pleased with the concept and would not hesitate to recommend this facility to anyone. Keep up the good work and thank you for everything and I mean everything.
Posted By: Taz D.
House Of Courage saved my life. It was a truly special and caring experience that I will forever be thankful for. So much love to Christine, Barry, Paula and the most amazing chef in the country George. Thanks for my life back. Chelsea
Posted By: Chelsea L
Happy and healthy, Calgary

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