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Dear Christine, Barry and the staff at House of Courage.

I thought I had lost my daughter. You gave her back to me and for that I am so grateful. I’m not sure I have the right words to tell you. All I can say is, thank you. I can never give back to you the amazing gift you haven me.
Posted By: Anna
Powell River
When I went to House of Courage, I didn't know what to except. It was the first time I was going to a rehab/therapy centre. So I checked in for a 30 days program. I discovered right away a place where nobody's judging you and also an absolutely fantastic support team that are there to understand and listen to you. It's a small place and what's good about it is that I never have to wait or take an appointment to speak to somebody. Doors were always open. It didn't take long for me to feel like I was part of the family because everybody is so welcoming and caring. Even the others residents and that was really important because I was going to spend lots of time with them. About the program, well it was very intense. I really went far inside myself,my past, my emotions to discover what led me to addictions. I also realize who I really am. All of these things can be difficult to hear and realize but it did only good at the end. The program is built like this so you get all the tools you can need when you're going to be in the "real"world. What's also great about the program is that I realize addiction and using problems comes from a lot of different aspects of your past and present life so by digging into it,recovery become possible. Before going to House of Courage, I thought that I needed just to stop using and all of my problems would be fixed. I was so wrong. It was by understanding my past that I was able to recover from my addiction and be a better person for myself, my family,my coworkers etc...I did that because of what they taught me during the program. Christine, Barry and all the support members really knows what they are talking about. They never told me what to do. Instead, I got advices and suggestions because I was free at House of Courage. Free to take everything they could give me to help in my future. I'm sober now and the main reason is because I know myself and I love that person?. Of course I'm not perfect but at least I can work now on my weaknesses and defaults because I know them. It's all about my open mind, willingness and honesty that I had when I did the program(I still have those by the way) that I'm now succeeding in all parts of my life. I'm now in peace with myself.

House of Courage is a great place to go to help you about addiction or any other personal problems. I highly recommend the program to everyone that wants to change their lives for good.

Posted By: Phil
For over nine years I have battled an addiction that stemed from prescription pain killers after multiple motor vehicle accidents. I knew I was ready to make a permanent positive change in my life and my psychologist told me about The House of Courage. Not sure what to expect, I went there with a open mind and heart. The atmosphere was very welcoming as Christine welcomed me with a huge hug upon arrival. The House is located on a beautiful property full of wildlife and mother Earth's beauty. The House is open, comfortable and has many activities such as a big pool, sauna, hot tub and relaxation room with a massage chair. The food is amazing. All meat is organic , very flavorful and fresh. Every meal with delicious, and that is NOT an over exaggeration. All the staff at The House Of Courage are all great people, who have listening ears and are always a great support. The best part of The House Of Courage for myself was the personal treatment plan that Christine helped me with. My medical situation is very demanding consisting of many necessary allountmwnts and because of my medical requirements, I had no luck finding any other treatment facility willing to work with me regarding my situation. Having a treatment facility that cared about my situation and helped me to recovery not only mentally but physically as well regarding pain abstinence really helped me see that abstinence is achievable and drugs are NOT nessicary for pain relief. The program offered is amazing. Hands down, the magic is in the program. Learning about yourself, triggers, how to deal with triggers and learning to deal with conflicts and dilemmas in a healthy way. I spent 60 days here and now that I am out I miss it there. If you want a treatment facility that cared about you as an individual and about your individual needs this is THE place to go. I CAN'T imagine receiving treatment anywhere else. Christine and Barry are the heart and soul of this facility and are a kind hearted, loving couple that truly want to help each and every resident that comes to HOC ( House Of Courage) to find themselves, find happiness and move forward in a positive direction. I would and will refer anyone that is ready to take the next step in moving forward in their recovery. Thank you for giving me all the tools needed to make this lifelong battle of being an addict alot more manageable and a positive experience.
Posted By: Alisha
26 year old female, Rocky View County

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