Your courage is what inspires us and your recovery is our goal.

Here is a look at experiences with the House of Courage that has had a positive impact on their lives. Here are some recent testimonials from our clients:

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

After a few long years of confusion, depression, and addiction I finally gathered the strength to begin the recovery process. I knew I was in a dangerous state of mind, but I did not know how to fix it. Fortunately I chose to try the House of Courage. Any doubts I had of changing my clearly destructive behavior left me within hours of being in that incredible house. I had no idea what self discovery was until I experienced it every single day for thirty days consecutively. To be reminded of what real happiness was by feeling it for the first time since childhood is something that can only be understood through experience. The House of Courage is not a place to hide from the ruinous temptations of the world. It is a place to become a person who is able to overcome temptation everyday as long as you so choose. I was fortunate enough to take my life back at the age of 23 and now I can clearly see my many options ahead of me.
Posted By: Joe
I was a lost individual that could never seem to find my way through the many obstacles that life brought forth. From a early age alcohol was a way to divert issues and problems away from my life and later turning to drugs. The substances just lead to bottling emotions, feeling, fears, and happiness inside myself. After spending 5 awesome weeks with the healers of the house of courage, I now am a changed man that believes in myself, has more respect for myself and others and am unbelievably confident, and have more courage then ever! I am now on the path to positive living and happiness comes naturally and I now love my life! Christine, Barry and the staff of the house of courage have made me see the light and find my true inner self, for that I thank everyone! I will always remember my time at the house and will stay strong for all the greatness I received there! A House from Heaven! Take care everyone and always be yourself!
Posted By: percy
I've waited a while to write this review...close to 2 years. That's how long I've been abstinent. In the past I have been treated by many different sources including psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, hospitals and even myself but none helped until I came to the House of Courage.
The House of Courage offers a holistic and behavioural program that works. Like the name I have the courage to be myself without use of any substance. I am able to look in the mirror and be happy again. The most joyful of all is that the people who love me, love me as I am. I now live life without hating myself and harming myself physically and emotionally.
I thank the House of Courage for its program and I thank the owners for all their efforts and love that they bestow me. The program has saved my life. Thank you Christine and Barry.
Posted By: Lorraine

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